Margaret Cho

Hi I am a 19 y.o. gay Asian American. I am not closeted, but there are a handful of people who don't know. I often feel discriminated within the gay community because I'm Asian. What do I do?

Margaret Cho responded on 02/16/2012

It's totally justified. Asians, as well as all people of color have a tough time within the gay community. Its often like - we can't be racist if we are already of another minority - but that is usually what ends up happening. I found there's a lot of racial insensitivity within the LGBT community because they're so busy fighting for other issues, like equal rights and dealing with homophobia, that there is a feeling like they are above reproach, but that isn't true. Know that you are not imagining these things - they are real and also know that it is ok to have criticism and complaints about the community you are a part of. It doesn't make us less of a part of this community to be critical of it. Know your voice is important. I would urge you to connect to online support for young queers of color, read what others are feeling, get in contact - you are not alone. We have each other - and you are surrounded by us.

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